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photo of me in Galway Ireland

Hi, My name is Diego, I'm an Italian Front End Developer and I love coding and Photography.
I have been coding for 3 Years. I'm capable to transform a Mockup into a real full Responsive Website with a nice touch of animations. I studied at the Dublin Institute of Design, in Dublin (Ireland). Later I did several courses on Udemy and now I am doing a Bootcamp on the interactive platform Scrimba. I also finished the Techdegree by Treehouse in Front End Development last September 2020.
I'm passionate about what I do and willing to learn something new every day...

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Random photo of a girl lookinf at her smartphone

Apple Landing Page Clone

I tried to make a copy of the Apple Landing Page. I used HTML, CSS Grid for the layout and JS for the hamburger menu and the accordions in the footer.

Project Github
image of michele alboreto driving a ferrari

Michele Alboreto Tribute Website

This is a Tribute Website about a Formula 1 Racing Driver. It's probably one of the project that I care the most. I am using SASS to split the CSS in partials and have a more organised CSS.

Project Github
Netflix Clone

Netflix Landing Page Clone

This is a Netflix Landing Page Clone. I used Vanilla JS for the switch between the 3 tabs and for the accordions at the bottom. I also insert the animated videos like in the original Website

Project Github
Picture of the Website of some of my photos

Diego Photography

Website of some of my photos during my travels. Very simple layout, I used Flexbox and lightbox to animate the photos on click. I also add an animation to the main header, every page reload.

Project Github
Sample of a portfolio website

Sample of Portfolio website

This was a sample of a Portfolio with fictional projects and testimonial. I used Sass and Css Grid for the Layout. I also used pure vanilla JS for the typewriter.

Project Github
Yazoo Tribute Website

Yazoo Tribute site

This is a small Tribute Website for the English duo from the 80's Yazoo. I used Flexbox for the layout and lightbox for the gallery images. I used the mobile first approach.

Project Github
starbucks landing page clone

Starbucks Landing Page

I tried to make a copy of the Starbucks Landing Page in the best way I could. I used HTML, CSS and JS for the hamburger menu and the accordions in the footer.

Project Github
Project News

News Grid

Fictional News sporting page with working subscribe button. I used the Grid System for the layout

Project Github

CocaCola Landing Page Clone

I took the Idea was from a code pen, but was my idea to add the middle part and the footer. I even used the same photos of the original site and added the same hover effects

Project Github